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NPL write-offs: certain pain, possible gain

13 Dec

Thanks to tighter liquidity conditions in China's financial system – and quiet direction from the regulators – China's banks have substantially increased write-offs of non-performing loans (NPLs) since the beginning of 3Q13. Particular banks may well have to seek new capital in 2014. However, ongoing disposals of NPLs, and the further development of markets for asset-backed securities (ABS) may well provide investment opportunities in the coming year.

China Cinda: first mover on NPLs

13 Dec

The hugely successful initial public offering (IPO) of China Cinda Asset Management Corporation (1359:HKG) highlights two major trends that are likely to continue into 1H14. One is the revival in IPO activity on the Hong Kong Exchange, the other is the sharp rise in disposal of non-performing loans (NPLs) by banks in mainland China. China Cinda now has a treasure chest of $2.5bn in new funds, 60% of which will be used to bid for NPLs.

Onwards and upwards – renminbi and the trade surplus

09 Dec

Rising from $31.1bn in October to $33.8bn in November, China’s trade surplus is at the highest level since January 2009. This is in spite of the recent strength in renminbi, which appears likely to continue in the short term. Indeed, a factor that has been a major contributor to the rise in the surplus has been the slow growth of imports.

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16 Dec 2013

Trading in RMB grows

As China continues to internationalise its currency, a small but growing number of multinationals are now using renminbi in cross-border trade.

Denise Law is a researcher for Renminbi Compass in Hong Kong. (4m 13sec)



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